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Kitchen Confidential: On the Road Snacking

Summertime often means vacations and potentially long car rides…plus packing, and hauling, and loading – unloading, and feeding a hungry, angry  (in my family we call it “hangry”) crew of mutinous passengers who simply want to know “are we there yet?!”So it’s safe to say that not everyone agrees with Willie Nelson and his catchyRead More »

Jul 29, 2012 More >

Kitchen Confidential: Guide to Farmers’ Markets

One of my summer goals is to shop for groceries like the French do: a day at a time, and only at the open-air markets. This might not be entirely feasible as most American farmer’s markets are open only one day a week, rarely supply all our dietary needs and, physically, can’t supply all ofRead More »

Jun 1, 2012 More >


Kitchen Confidential: Memorial Day Meal Ideas

Memorial Day weekend is known for many things…gathering with family, remembering those who serve our great country, patriotism, backyard barbecues, beachside picnics and so much more. But in spite of all these great aspects, this weekend is also known for some not so good-for-you food choices. Here at New England Country Soup, we believe that anRead More »

May 25, 2012 More >


Kitchen Confidential: Warm Weather Tools and Tips

Unless you one of the lucky few living in a vintage house, these days there’s no such thing as a winter kitchen and a summer kitchen. Once upon a time they served the purposes of a seasonal cooking arrangement… and why we did away with them, I’ll never know. A winter kitchen was an integralRead More »

May 18, 2012 More >


Kitchen Confidential: Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

It’s that time of year when the wildflowers are starting to bloom, the sun is peeking out from behind the clouds (perhaps a bit more in certain parts of the country), and the new bright rays of springtime are shedding some rather unsavory light on your dusty, dingy winter-time kitchen. A stove splattered with oldRead More »

Apr 30, 2012 More >

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