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Yankee White Bean: How Did I Get Left Out??

Yankee White Bean soup … New England Country Soup … and I have no chance to compete in any of the 3 regions for this year’s Soup Challenge: whatttt’sss up with that? Now I know my nutrition is stout and my flavor is strong, but that was no reason to avoid me. OK, OK, IRead More »

Mar 13, 2012 More >

Caribbean Black Bean, Mon!

Pikcha dis: sandy flip flops, rays of sunshine, a gentle sea breeze and the salty spray of the ocean … breathin’ easy while sippin’ milk from a freshly picked coconut with nowhere to be but right there in the moment. Or better yet, avast!  Shimmer me timbers at what me eyes do see, that beRead More »

Mar 6, 2012 More >


Tip of the Hat from Sweet Chicken Curry

Well good day to you sir (or Madame if I am going to be quite proper). I see that you have noticed my well-tailored flavor profile. From whence does it hail, you ask?  Well, amusingly enough, the “plebian” man associates curries with the exotic subcontinent of India. But, that man would be indubitably incorrect! YouRead More »

Mar 6, 2012 More >


A Big Hug from Nana

Think of the biggest and ‘bestest’ hug you ever had … that’s what it was like, I am told, to be in Nana’s kitchen. She was our Founder’s Grandmother, an incredible human being and an awesome cook. The flavors that would fill the house when she was doing her magic would fill you with aRead More »

Mar 6, 2012 More >


A Word from “Chowda”

So it finally snowed up at the offices of New England Country Soup … Lordy, they all sounded a wee bit excited last week as the storm rolled in! I “talked” to my friends back in Menemsha on Martha’s Vineyard (a guy has to remember his roots, ya know) and they only got some rainRead More »

Mar 5, 2012 More >

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