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Salt and Sensibility: Some Facts about Salt and Health

This is the last post in a three-part series on salt.  In our last post, “NaCl: Swiss Army Knife of the Kitchen,” we described the science behind salt and elaborated on some of its inedible uses. This last post will explore the ways in which salt affects the body, the presence of sodium in theRead More »

Dec 16, 2011 More >

NaCl: Swiss Army Knife of the Kitchen

This is the second installment of a three-part series on salt.  A ubiquitous part of our lives, salt does much more than season our dishes. In the previous post “‘Salt of the Earth’ and Where on Earth to Find It,” we brought to light some interesting facts about salt and its important role in human history. InRead More »

Dec 8, 2011 More >


“Salt of the Earth” and Where on Earth to Find It

An Introduction to Our Salt Series: It’s in the water. It’s buried within the earth. It’s in the produce we grow, the food we cook, and ultimately, it’s part of what makes our bodies function. Salt is, quite literally, everywhere we look. We hear so much about salt and sodium that it is often difficult toRead More »

Dec 1, 2011 More >


Red Peppers Gone Roasted

Bright color.  Fresh taste. And a sweet note. These are many of the reasons we use red peppers to complement some of our soups. But why the roasted reds? In a phrase, the ‘layering of flavors.’ Their addition will change a soup’s character, particularly the flavor that lingers on your palate … And for thatRead More »

Feb 8, 2011 More >


Growing Your Own Herbs and Spices: A high satisfaction-to-effort ratio

Last night when you were preparing dinner, you probably pawed through your spice rack for one or more of your delectable herbs and spices. I know I did … my vegetarian lasagna called for a dash of oregano and basil … I piled them on and it was quite divine. But next time you reachRead More »

Jan 27, 2011 More >

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