We asked to see your favorite “Cool Kitchen Tools” and got a bunch of marvelous photos- everything from soup blenders and juicers to metal claws for pulling BBQ pork!

A Cool Kitchen Tool can be a high tech gadget – check out some of our new favorites on the Cool Kitchen Tools blogs – but they can also be simple and beloved.

Our first Cool Kitchen Tools photo contest winner is the latter – a family skillet passed down to Lori from her grandma. Great cooks will tell you how essential a cast iron skillet can be and it’s perfect for everything from frying bacon to baking cornbread.

Lori will get to choose $50 worth of Cool Kitchen Tools just like our Soup Challenge finalists! She captured the spirit of “what helps you work your magic in the kitchen” perfectly and who couldn’t love this story:

“The picture I’m submitting will probably strike you as somewhat old fashioned and elementary. To me, it is anything but. I grew up with a Mom who, though she was great, was not much of a cook. She was very well versed in frozen everything!

My grandma however, was a great cook! This is her skillet. I love it more every day and honestly, it really does make me a better cook. Is it magic? Nah, but the looks on the faces of my boys when I cook some good ole homemade cornbread, now that is magic! It warms my heart every time I use it knowing how many hungry bellies have been fed, how many family stories have been shared and maybe even how many tears have been cried over a meal prepared in the old iron skillet! It’s not pretty apart from its function and it sure isn’t high tech, but it is dearly loved!”-Lori