Recently we asked our fans, “What does ‘Food Is Love’ look like to you?”. We received heartwarming photos of friends, family, pets and favorite dishes. From baking cooking with kids to sharing ice cream on a date, all these pictures captured cherished memories and certainly made us smile.

Though it was tough to pick a favorite, the lucky winner had a particularly sweet and original photo to share. Steve from West Virginia said, “Now THIS is love! Sayde, our doberman sharing her food with her ferret brother, Crazy Boy.” As his prize Steve will receive a care package of our soups!

All the “Food Is Love” Photo Contest entries were wonderful and had great stories. Here are a few of our other favorites from the fans with why “Food is Love” in their own words:

“My family and I always loved crab Sundays. Growing up in New Jersey the Blue Claw Crab was the best. Maybe a little tedious at getting the meat out but in the end it was worth it everytime. As a child the best memories growing up are the satisfaction of the smallest things that made you happy. As an adult I now realize it was the time spent helping cook a beautiful dish like this. I was too young too understand how much I helped not just to chop ingredients but how it turned me into the chef I am now. Cooking is my passion. Bon Appetitio!” – Tiffany

“For year now I make it a point to make homemade suagr cookies with my boys for every holiday and let them decorate them anyway they like! It feels so good to teach them something I love to do and get them involved. Now whenever a holiday comes near they ask “Is it time to make the cookies?” – Heather

“Cooking this dish reminds me of my dad’s vegetable garden. Dad an avid gardener grew all kinds of vegetables in our backyard. Unlike my mom, my dad came from a poor family so gardening for my dad’s family was not a hobby to enjoy, but a means to put food on the table. Growing up, I had fond memories of the times he would have me picked some vegetables like tomatoes, green beans, eggplants and that would be part of a wonderful meal he himself would cook.” – Loida

“How could anyone believe that food and love don’t go together. Just look at this photo. It’s Grampie, my husband Steve and Adam preparing the appetizers for a family gathering. Adam, then 7 loves to work in the kitchen with me and is learning how by bringing people to the table you bring them together.” – Mariann

“My boyfriend and I went on a date to an ice cream shop and I thought we should take this picture in lieu of our usual face photos.” – Shelby

This photo from Mandi did not come with a story, but it goes without saying that there is a lot of love in this picture! Thank you to all the fans who shared with us – we really enjoyed seeing your Food Is Love photos!

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