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This page is dedicated to all those New England Country Soup fans who tried our soups, loved our soups, said it loud and said it proud.


I AM A BELIEVER! I bought your soup today BY ACCIDENT […] But thank God for accidents because my soup was OUTSTANDING, INCREDIBLE, AMAZING. I purchased the Chicken Corn Chowder. I was absolutely amazed by the absolutely delicious flavor and FRESHNESS of this soup. Thank you for such a wonderful product…

- Tangi, Giant Food Customer

It is like having a cup of real fresh soup at the drop of a dime […] I LOVE NEW ENGLAND COUNTRY SOUP!!!! It is about time someone made something this good!!!!

- Alisha, Florida

I just wanted to let you know that I am now a convert. […] There is no comparison! The soups are just fantastic! My favorite is the bean soup. I love the spicy kick!!! […] This is an excellent product.

- Estella, Ohio

Oh boy I never loved a soup like yours. My favorite is Chicken Corn Chowder […] I love everything you make.

- Walter, New York

Just had your Chicken Pomodoro soup and loved it. Fresh and flavorful. […] How nice to have an alternative to spending a few hours over the stove. It is good to have healthy choices available that are quick and easy to prepare – and delicious as well!

- Kathleen, New Jersey

[…] glad to have found a nice line of soups… when I get home late and don’t feel like cooking it’s nice to have your soup in my pantry… thank you.

- Patty, Stop & Shop Customer

Thanks for putting such a great soup out there for my lunch. Just tried the Lentil and it was (almost) better than my homemade!!!! A great surprise. I have been searching for a really good readymade soup, but they are all mush and over seasoned. Yours rocks!

- Pam, Wegmans Customer

Creamy. Very, very, very yummy. It’s like a river of silk. Out of this world! I love it!

- Quinn, Vermont

OMG, I had the Yankee White Bean today. Holy cow it was awesome. […] That was the best white bean soup I have ever had, barring my own […] There are plenty of mediocre soups out there. Congrats for standing far above the throng […] Quality is one of the reasons I appreciate your soups. I can taste it.

- Peg, New York

Just tried your soup for the first time, and as a big fan of corn chowder I must say your Chicken Corn Chowder was superb… New England Country Soups taste much closer to homemade than any canned soup I’ve ever tried.

- Ken, Connecticut

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