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So by now, you've realized that we're a bunch of very passionate people, energized to bring you great soup.

But our passion is not restricted just to food ... we think, while this is "the best of all possible worlds," working together we can make it better. We believe fervently that "small changes can lead to big change" – and many of our loyal consumers have echoed these same sentiments. So we have chosen three organizations working for the greater good in three important areas that can benefit from our collective support.

Get Involved

How can you help? Eat some soup! With each pouch of our great soup you purchase, you can help the following causes in the following ways:

"What Can I Accomplish?"

Who can I support?

American Forests


Action for Healthy Kids

Photo courtesy of Action for Healthy Kids

Grameen America


What will I support?

Environment: Plant Trees

Children's Health: Provide healthier
meal options, exercise equipment,
and nutrition knowledge

Entrepreneurs: Microloans

Why should I support?

Combat climate change
by reducing carbon dioxide

Prevent Childhood Obesity

Empower women to
better their lives

How can I support?

Collect and send us proofs of purchase (All Natural Burst or Register Receipt) each time you enjoy our soup!
We will donate $1 for every proof of purchase you send us to your choice of these three organizations.
There is no limit to the amount that can be donated. Click here to get started!

Where can I learn more?


Help Combat Climate Change with American Forests:

American Forests

American Forests

We believe that, left unchecked, the buildup of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the Earth's atmosphere will lead to disastrous consequences, ecologically and agriculturally, for our planet and future generations. We support American Forests in their effort to combat climate change through the planting of trees. After all, our soups were inspired by the green mountains of Vermont.

  • 5 pouches... will plant five (5) trees, enough to offset half the carbon dioxide (CO2) you exhale each year*
  • 10 pouches... will plant ten (10) trees, enough to offset the total carbon dioxide (CO2) you exhale each year*
  • 20 pouches... will plant twenty (20) trees, enough to offset your total carbon footprint for a full year*

With each contribution, you will receive a certificate confirming your support and thanking you for your help! See the American Forests website for more information.

* Offset of carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon footprint is based on the average American's emission of CO2 and the average rate at which mature trees absorb CO2 from the air. (Science Daily 2008, NOVA 2008, Tufts Climate Initiative 2009)


Help Promote a Healthy Lifestyle for Our Children with Action for Healthy Kids:

Action For Healthy Kids Photo courtesy of Action
for Healthy Kids

American Forests

We think combating obesity in children is extremely compelling. Action for Healthy Kids has been in schools across America since 2002 working to reverse this wide-spread epidemic. We are focusing our efforts on healthy meals and the acquisition of physical education equipment.

  • 5 pouches... will provide one school with healthy breakfast options for one month
  • 10 pouches... will purchase fitness equipment for a PE class at one school for a full school year
  • 20 pouches... will implement healthy meal & snack options into one school for a full school year

Each contribution will be pooled with others to increase each person's impact. For every five (5) contributors at each level, we will make a contribution and each participant will receive a certificate confirming their support and thanking them for their help!

See the Action for Healthy Kids website for additional information.


Help Support Women Working for a Better Future with Grameen America:

Grameen America

Grameen America

We admire Grameen America and their efforts to support female entrepreneurs working to start businesses in Massachusetts, New York and the Washington D.C. area. We think supporting women working today for a better tomorrow makes good sense.

Supporting Grameen America today will impact the lives of many in the years to come. Each contribution is pooled to issue a microloan for an aspiring female entrepreneur currently living in poverty. The average microloan is $1,500. Ninety-eight (98) out of one hundred (100) loans are repaid within a year. As each loan is repaid, your money begins to work again as it is reissued to a new aspiring entrepreneur. And once repaid, the loan is distributed again... and again, etc. So your contribution today can help for many tomorrows.

The more pouches you collect, the greater the impact your support will have. By participating with 5 pouches, you help empower a female entrepreneur to take the first steps in launching her own business and beginning her journey out of poverty. 10 pouches will double this initial impact and 20 pouches will increase the initial impact 4 times!

For every ten (10) contributors at each level, we will make a contribution and each participant will receive a certificate confirming their support and thanking them for their help!

See the website of Grameen America for additional information.


"How Do I Get Started?"

All Natural

It's easy!

1. Choose from 3 levels of support by purchasing 5, 10, or 20 pouches of our great soup.

2. Decide which of 3 ways you want to submit your proofs of purchase:

  • clip and collect the "All Natural" burst from each pouch or
  • collect register receipts to document your purchases of our soup or
  • clip and collect a combination of "All Natural" bursts and register receipts

3. Click HERE to fill in and print out our "Eat Well, Do Good" Support Starter mail-in certificate (requires Adobe Reader).

4. Mail the completed form along with your 5, 10, or 20 proofs of purchase ("All Natural" bursts or register receipts) to:

New England Country Soup, One Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142

There's no limit to the number of donations that will be made in your name! The more you collect and send, the greater the impact you'll make. It's a great, natural way to help improve our "best of all possible worlds" ... one great soup pouch at a time.


Thanks for your support!

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