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Chicken Corn Chowder
Simple ingredients you know…from great places we trust.

Where does your food come from? Or in this case, your soup? We think you have a right to know not only what is in your soup, but also where it comes from.

Our soups are, by design, simple: We use simple, all-natural ingredients you'll recognize, be able to pronounce, and most likely have many of in your kitchen right now. We've gone to extraordinary lengths to source the very best ingredients the world has to offer. Our suppliers, most of whom are family-owned companies and all passionate and proud of the food they make, bring us only the freshest, healthiest, all natural ingredients. We then blend these great ingredients to create fabulous, nutritious soups to savor.

So to show you the "what" and the "where" of our soups, we've developed our exclusive "Ingredient Tracker" system. This way you can see the farm, field or ocean from which each ingredient in each pouch of our great soup is sourced. Then you'll know why they're just so good! Great Soup, Naturally™!

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