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The love of soup is shared by former U.S. Presidents. JFK loved the Fish Chowder of his Boston childhood while George W. Bush preferred New England Clam Chowder. Clinton and Eisenhower both favored Vegetable beef soup.

New England Clam Chowder

New England Clam Chowder

We know a place at the far end of Martha's Vineyard, in a little town called Menemsha, that makes marvelous New England Clam Chowder. You grab a bowl and go sit on the pier and watch the sun go down. Their Chowder is filled with flavorful ocean and surf clams, chunky potatoes, crisp vegetables, and simple spices in a thick, creamy broth. While we can't bring you the sunset or that sea breeze, we can bring you our version of a celebrated tradition. Filled with the same wonderful ingredients, our rich, creamy soup captures those flavors so that maybe you can catch a glimpse of an island sunset or a hint of a salty sea breeze anytime or anywhere.

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Water, Potatoes, Chopped Clam Meat, Cream (From Milk), Butter, Celery, Sunflower Oil, Rice Starch, Onions, Clam Broth (Dehydrated), Clam Extract, Lower Sodium Sea Salt, Sugar, Soy Lecithin, Maltodextrin, Modified Corn Starch, Black Pepper, Dill, Nutmeg.

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New England Clam Chowder

Cream of Potato Nutrition Facts

How Tough Can Clamming Be?

It is a very tough job to deliver sweet, tender clams. You need wonderful and talented people doing this rugged and, at times, dangerous job... then you need a beautiful facility in which clams go from raw to finished product in less than 1 hour...and finally, you need the type of deep commitment to a superior product that can only come from being a family business. Our clam folks started their family business at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay more than 35 years ago. Great people, doing a tough job in the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean... with a passion for really good food which is probably why they named the most recent addition to their fleet of boats: Pride! Our friends do the tough job of delivering the very best clams in the world... so we can make it easy for you to enjoy our wonderful Clam Chowder!

Tom Tranthum and his family don't just make great butter- they make cows happy!

On his South Carolina dairy farm, aptly named Happy Cow Creamery, his grass-fed herd munches happily twelve months out of the year, thanks to an internationally acclaimed grazing process he pioneered. Actually, his cows were the real pioneers. His stroke of genius came after the bovines broke out of their pen, started chomping away at the weeds in a near-by field, and started producing not only more milk, but milk that tasted better and was better for you. That was back in the 80's. These days, he and his wife Linda stay pretty busy. Folks travel hundreds of miles to purchase his dairy products from their on-site country store. His philosophy is simple: happy cows make better milk, which makes better butter. We couldn't agree more - the creamy, smooth quality it lends to our soup delights our taste buds. One slurp of our soup and we think you'll agree - it's quality you can taste.

A "Young" Visionary High On Sea Salt.

The visionary behind our sea salt is a very experienced food guy who also happens to be a "very young" 83. Seeing an opportunity to help Americans reduce their unnecessarily high intake of sodium, he and a few friends here and in Europe and the Middle East decided it would make a bunch of sense to bring the best selling lower sodium sea salt in Europe to America. SOLO® is an all-natural sea salt containing sodium, potassium and magnesium in 'near perfect proportion'. While we can't reveal the exact source of this sea salt - "secrets", you know - it is pure, has been used for, literally, thousands of years... and makes for great soup! Now that's a vision!

Great Potatoes from an American original from Idaho by way of the Andes.

Natives of the Andes were cultivating over 3,000 varieties of potatoes before the Spanish arrived in 1535. Today by comparison, "only" 250 varieties are grown in the US. Our potatoes come from a true American original. In 1923, J.R. "Jack" Simplot quit school at age 14 to start his own business. Just over 20 years later as World War II came to a close, The Simplot Company was the largest shipper of fresh potatoes in the country. After the war, change came quickly as Americans took to the roads and the American fast food industry and Simplot followed. In the 1950's, this Boise, Idaho, company created and marketed the first commercially available frozen French fries in the world. Today, the Simplot family remains a major supplier of outstanding "spuds" to the world... and to us!